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Build Institute

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Build is one of our most exciting clients because of the sheer scope of Build businesses we get to meet (and patronize) along the way. Their client list is a who’s-who of Detroit staples making tangible products you can enjoy every day.

They’re a microbusiness incubator providing resources to entrepreneurs starting or growing small businesses.

Throughout COVID we helped to take their large meetings online, creating virtual summits that featured keynote speakers, panel discussions, and small business spotlights. That put us in touch with businesses all over the city like Good Cakes and Bakes, Mama Coo’s, Detroit Popcorn Company, and so many others.

We love our client base. But with its heavy industrial and manufacturing focus, sometimes the work is a bit abstract. Because if we’re showcasing a tier supplier building parts of a car, it takes a bit of imagination to relate that to driving down the street. With Build Institute we get to show off food entrepreneurs and boutiques, with tangible products that leap off the screen.

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