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Learning Your Story

We’ve been at this awhile and we have clients in all sorts of industries.

We don’t claim to know the first thing about farming. But we’ve met a lot of farmers, interviewed plenty.
And gotten a sense of what makes them tick.

Mick can’t fix an engine, but he’s been in just about every kind of automotive manufacturing facility you can think of, for just about every OEM or Tier supplier you can name.

Michael is no chemist, but he’s putzed around labs all over the US, Canada, and Mexico watching paint dry, plastic composites being synthesized, and has about a dozen pair of safety glasses in the glove box.

The point being, we’re curious. That curiosity fuels an outside perspective on what you do.
And what makes you so great at it.

Clients know their business backwards and forwards, which often leaves you assuming too much of your audience. A customer has been buying blue widgets for you for 30 years, and naturally you assume they know you’re also great at red widgets. Think again.

The RizzoRizzo team prides itself on asking stupid questions, to get at simple answers, so that we can present back to our clients the most streamlined messaging possible. We want to know everything about how your business works to provide you the best ideas, and do the best work.

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