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Licensed & Insured Drone Operators

RizzoRizzo brings more than one FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Operator to every single location.

Because for as long as safe, affordable drone cameras have been available, RizzoRizzo has seen the value in gaining a unique perspective on what you do.

We’ve been flying drones on client projects since 2014, logged hundreds of flight hours, and find a way to add value to almost any subject matter with aerial coverage.

For clients like the Build Institute, that could mean a ribbon cutting on the reopened coworking space or big aerial views of Detroit’s skyline from their Corktown offices. For manufacturing clients like Teijin Automotive Technologies, that’s a look at safe indoor drone shots over automated manufacturing cells that operators can’t enter. For True North Asphalt, that means visiting huge jobsites over the course of monthslong projects to deliver a Before-and-After case study that shows the enormity of putting in a new parking ot.

We’re not gearheads. We’re not in this for the gadgets. A drone is just another tool in an ever expanding kit that helps us to tell compelling stories and face new production challenges. We’ve chased post office boats delivering mail to freighters on the Detroit River. Toured rural Sicilian castles. And filmed about a dozen golf outings without catching a golf ball with the lens. Yet.

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