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RizzoRizzo is named RizzoRizzo because, one way or the other, you’re going to be speaking to a Rizzo at every single key touchpoint throughout our working relationship.

That means something because we take ownership over every decision made, every project we start and every deliverable delivered.

We’ve got a great team of experienced professionals creating work product that we think punches above its weight. But while we might bring cinematographers, gaffers, sound recordists, script supervisors, graphic designers, and animators into the conversation, you can rest assured that Mick or Michael (often both) are in the room with a handle on what we’re up to and how it’s going to benefit the project and create results.

On a good day we might bring the circus to your office or factory floor, but rest assured, there’s always a ringmaster.

Working directly with the owners means there’s always straight answers to simple questions. That we can set realistic expectations, deadlines, and budgets. And that we can see challenges way ahead of time (when solutions are a lot cheaper).

RizzoRizzo is successful because Michael and Mick take an ongoing interest in clients after projects are finished. Looking back and following up to see how work was received, and where things were most successful. That constant desire for improvement at every level means the work is always improving. And keeps clients enthusiastic about us.

Get in touch today and we’ll treat you like family.

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