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HA Industries

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The best review any client can give us is repeat business.

HA Industries is one of our proudest success stories, because over the course of a ten year working relationship, we’ve been asked back again and again to see how we’ve grown together. This overview video is a prime example of that.

HA designs and manufactures custom assembly cells for automotive and non-automotive customers. And in the years we’ve been working together we’ve seen their products evolve and become more intricate, while our production has evolved to better capture what they’ve shown us. We didn’t have drones that could fly safely indoors when we started. Now we begin and end every video looking down at the whole line.

The Overview takes it to the next level: It’s not about any particular manufacturing solution. It’s about the expertise and insight that assures you that whatever your manufacturing challenge the team at HA will come up with a clever solution.

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