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We like to tell people we’re in the storytelling business.

It’s not about lights or cameras, those are just tools of our craft, which is figuring out how to say something clearly in a visual way that our clients customers can understand. This is a great example for Magni Coatings.

Magni makes a series of protective coatings that you can find all over different parts of your vehicle. But here we were tasked with showing you exactly what goes where.

This video is entirely animated, built around showing the anatomy of a passenger car and all the different areas where Magni coatings can protect the chassis, drive train, fasteners, brake systems, and fuel fillers from the distinct challenges they face across years (and miles).

Visually it tells a story of just how many ways Magni Coatings work to keep cars on the road.

To learn more, visit MagniCoatings.com

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