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Land O’ Lakes / Winfield United Presentation

What Can We Do For You?

How can RizzoRizzo's core competencies help?

We want to hear you Michele. What are your immediate or long term needs?

That said, in doing our due diligence on both sides of Land ‘O Lakes, and Winfield United we can see some big opportunities we would love to propose. 

Land ‘O Lakes offers a great recipe book with the test kitchen and the blog. Could we elevate that presentation
with a series of videos for Facebook and social media engagement?   Would that turn heads and help the brand?
What is on your marketing wish list in 2017 and is there any way that RizzoRizzo can help make it happen?

Winfield United has relationship with a huge array of wholesalers and co-ops all over America.
Look at the work we’ve done with Security Seed, we are confident that we can build valuable
relationships with the people who retail products on a daily basis, and leverage those relationships
towards targeted messaging for Winfield United. How can we help Winfield United connect with
not just retailers but with growers? 

We’re thrilled with the possibilities, we’re here to help.

Thank you for your consideration!

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