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Employee Paintball Day

True North Asphalt knows how to take care of the team.

Human Resources videos come in all sorts of genres.

True North Asphalt consistently brings us good projects because the leadership team at True North Asphalt sees the value in tackling a variety of management tasks with video.

Their business is seasonal: You start asphalt jobs in the spring and you wrap up in the late fall. And you structure operations in such a way that your people come right back when it’s opening day next year. True North does that by taking care of the team with good pay, benefits, everything you would want out of a great employer. But on top of that, they make a concerted effort to celebrate the team at the start and end of each season.

This year, their team has grown too big for Top Golf. So they tried something new.

And that meant the RizzoRizzo team got to chase them all over a paintball course as every single employee of True North Asphalt tried desperately to pelt Nick Whitehurst with high velocity primary colors.

Many of our clients are actively looking to find talented, dedicated people. Silly stuff like this is a bold statement to prospects that there’s a great place to work out there that knows how to play hard.

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